Because becoming a mother changes everything!

Welcome!  If you are pregnant, or would like to be, or if you’ve recently had a baby, then these pages are just for you.

Whether you are

  • planning a pregnancy,
  • coming to terms with the impact of pregnancy on your body and being,
  • recovering from a difficult birthing experience,
  • or simply feeling stretched by the day to day realities of mothering an infant,

there is no better, more fruitful time in your life to

  • do a reality check – and figure out what matters most to you,
  • take stock of your own strengths and resources,
  • give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings,
  • get in touch with your own ‘felt-sense’ of what is needed in any given situation,
  • build your trust in your own capacity to move forward with courage and grace.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or uncertain about any aspect of the passage to motherhood, know that you do not have to do this journey alone.   It would be my privilege to be your guide and companion through the motherbirth process.

 I especially love to hear from women who wish to make the most of this uniquely transformative time in their lives to grow as human beings and as women.

If this is you, please call me to further explore how I may be of service.


ps. I firmly believe that there is no one right way to do motherhood.

It is normal and natural to feel somewhat stretched and challenged by the many decisions, life-style adjustments and changing relationship dynamics which accompany the passage from pre-conception to early parenthood.  

It is also normal and natural to reach out for guidance and support from someone who has travelled this road ahead of you and understands first-hand just how challenging it can sometimes be.

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