Making peace with a difficult birthing experience

(or a challenging pregnancy or newborn mother experience)

Even with the best of support, sometimes things do not go according to plan.  In many cases, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and just keep going.  Sometimes it feels like we have no other choice.

The practical challenges of early motherhood can be all consuming.  So much so that there is very little time to spend on trying to heal and integrate a traumatic experience of giving birth or the early post-natal period.

Sometimes it isn’t until our child’s first birthday, or when we conceive and fall pregnant again, that we are able to try to get some fresh perspective, acknowledge the learning, and come to some resolution about what happened.

An experienced older midwife once shared with me her belief that there is always something that happens during our experience of giving birth which is there to teach us what we need to know to in order to be a great mother to the child we are bringing into the world.

One of the supreme quests of the ancient alchemists was to find a way to transmute base metals such as lead into gold.  If you would like some coaching support to pan for the gold in the mud of your own pregnancy, childbirth and early mothering experiences, it would be my very great privilege to be your guide and companion.

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