So You’re Pregnant…

(and Freaking Out? just a little bit?)

If you have moments of feeling anxious or a little overwhelmed you are certainly not alone. It may be reassuring to hear that many of us experience moments of wondering what  the  !@%$#%@ we’ve got ourselves into now?!  Even if this pregnancy is something we’ve planned for, looked forward to and announced with great joy..

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Whether you’ve only just found out you’re pregnant, or you’ve made it safely past the 12-14 week marker, or you’re racing round the third trimester bend into the final stretch of your pregnancy journey, there are lots of reasons why you might feel the need to talk things through with a neutral, compassionate listener outside of your family and social circle.

As a trained life-coach, I am skilled in the art of asking questions that will help you to swiftly clarify what is most important to you, and then work out exactly what you want to do about it.

Having a baby has an impact on so many aspects of our lives that we used to take for granted in our pre-pregnant days; it can take a bit of adjusting to.

The early weeks of feeling mostly tired and perhaps a little ill,  the growing sense of responsibility (decisions, decisions!), the changing body-shape, the heightened emotions, the relationship changes, the gratuitous advice. The way total strangers take an interest in your belly, and every parent you meet seems to have a horror story to tell you? I bet before you got pregnant you had no idea that choosing where to have your baby could be a political act!

It’s not surprising really that you might sometime find yourself feeling a bit of a panic. Not sure how you’ll cope with squeezing baby out?  Not certain you have what it takes, that you’re ready and able to be a great mum?

My own experiences of witnessing and supporting a range of women through the birthing process, and indeed the whole journey iinto motherhood from pre-conception onward, lead me to believe that there are as many ‘right’ ways to take this journey as there are women.

There is a deep power in being able to surrender to what is and let go. A power which is not to be confused with  a state of helplessness or victimhood. When a woman finds her way to stand in this power, the grace of the universe moves through her.   ‘Easier said than done!’ I hear you think.  And so it is, especially if your deepest fear is of losing control, getting hurt, not getting it right, letting yourself or your baby down in some way.

Whereever your head is at right now, I want you to know that in any given moment, it is entirely possible for you to get in touch with the instinctive wisdom in your body, tune in to the intuitive voice inside you, get a clear picture of what’s needed.  If this doesn’t yet make sense to you, it would be my great privilege and pleasure to be your guide on this amazing journey of discovery.

Support Options

Our sessions together will give you the support and encouragement that you so deserve to receive as you bloom into the beautiful mother you are growing to be.

You’ll be very glad that you gave yourself the gift of this kind of support… as you relax into the great transition to motherhood, confident that you are making sound decisions which are well aligned to your own sense of what matters most in life.

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