Here’s how we may be able to help:-

Personal sessions with Ishara in Fremantle

Personal sessions with Ishara provide a safe space to explore feelings and play with ideas in a judgement-free zone.

You may want to use these sessions to:

  • Get in touch with your own authentic truth about something
  • Think through specific decisions that are in front of you
  • Review beliefs and values you may have taken on as a child or young adult
  • Tap into inner resources to help you tackle current challenges
  • Set creative intentions for specific changes you wish to manifest in your life over the coming weeks or months
  • Deepen your trust in life and the innate wisdom of your body-mind.

These sessions are held face to face at the Radiant Woman Playroom in Fremantle or by telephone to anywhere in Australia.  They take the form of an intimate conversation, during which I will be listening deeply and asking questions designed to help us discover more about your dreams, desires, beliefs and motivations.  You will emerge from these sessions with fresh perspective and a new level of clarity about your intentions and the next steps you plan to take in order to realise them.


90 minute appointment – $130

Healthcare card concessions available on request.


Home visits by Ishara

For mothers with little ones & others who cannot easily get out of their homes:-

Home visits are similar to the personal support sessions described above, with the difference that Ishara will come to you at home.  Being at home with baby lends a different quality to your sessions – I am very baby friendly – and am happy to hold your baby during the session if that helps!  ;-)

60 minute appointment – $160


Healing Circles & Rites of Passage for Pregnant & New Mothers

The Blessing Circle ceremony is generally shared with your intimate circle of women-friends and family, often in your own home or garden.  It may be held during pregnancy, or for the new mother and baby.  The ceremony process includes elements of ritual, dancing, chanting, sharing from the heart, and a shared craft activity such as decorating prayer flags, creating mandalas, or putting together scrapbook pages to form a blessing book for the guest of honour. It offers an opportunity for you to be showered with love and blessings as you step forward with increased confidence into the next chapter of your motherhood adventure.

The Healing Circle ceremony can take place one on one or within an intimate circle of close women friends.  The process is designed to facilitate healing and integration of challenging experiences during the pregnancy, birthing or neonatal period of the motherbirth journey.  The ceremony process will enable you to contact the painful feelings and release the hurt, to gather up the healing wisdom and step forward with renewed confidence and a greater sense of peace.

Prices on application.


How to make contact

Contact Ishara on 0415 593 408   or by emailing to make an appointment.

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