Not Yet Pregnant

(but you wish you were!)

I’m willing to swear that everywhere you look you see pregnant women. Where did they all come from?  And more importantly –why aren’t you one of them?

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It can be painfully frustrating – wishing to have a baby, wanting to conceive, and it just hasn’t happened for you.. yet. If this goes on for a long time it can become down-right disheartening.  You don’t want to be bursting into tears at the sight of a pregnant belly, or struggling to swallow resentful feelings when you hear that someone else in your social circle is expecting. That isn’t how you like to think of yourself; its not who you want to be.

Maybe there’s something about your current life circumstances that’s not working for you, and you’d like some support to change. For example: you haven’t  yet found the right partner, you or your partner  frequentlyl work away from home, you have a very stressful job…

Perhaps you suspect, or in fact already know, that you are one of the 1 in 5 Australian couples who have issues with physical fertility.  If its early days for you yet, you may be waiting patiently, assuming that Nature will take its course, hoping for the best.  If you’ve chosen to get proactive about your desire to have a baby, you are probably already charting your fertility cycles, and may be working with a naturopath or attending a medical fertility clinic.

Whatever your situation, the fertility coaching process can help you to get yourself in the best possible headspace. You’ll be empowered to get very present and real with what is actually happening, and find your own creative way to respond to it.

As your coach, I’ll guide you to open up the boundaries of your thinking, so that you give yourself the best possible chances of realising your dream.  Through our sessions together, you’ll get support to access and clear any old limiting decisions and underlying unconscious beliefs related to pregnancy and motherhood that do not support your current intention, so that you become fully aligned and congruent with your conscious intention to conceive, on all levels of your being.

Life-coaching offers the perfect complement to naturopathic or medical treatment, as it addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your quest to become a mother.

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